Bespoke Service

Our Bespoke service represents unlimited choice, uncompromising quality and detail in personal suiting.

“The term Bespoke means “” been spoken for “” signifying that a garment was entirely made to the client’s individual specifications.

Initial consultation and measurements

Our Bespoke experience begins with your personal Cutter who advises you on cloth selection and garment styling.
Umang Vaish and his team of tailors continues the traditional style tailoring in it’s purest form, hand-drafting each client’s unique body pattern and molding canvas to the specific shapes and curves of the body.

Cutting & Pattern Making

Upon taking your measurements and final details, your Cutter will draft and cut your personal suiting pattern.
The pattern is then updated with each stage of fittings
Close attention to detail and many hours of work go into each bespoke suit.

Floating Canvas Construction

Full Bespoke suits are the centrepiece of our tailoring, offered with a full floating canvas construction, basted fittings throughout the process and completely finished by hand. This is why our full-bespoke suits are at the forefront of what we do at D.Vaish & Sons.
The floating canvas is loosely handstitched in place between the outer jacket fabric and the inner lining.
The floating canvas adds structure to the front panel of a jacket, and ensures that the jacket drapes properly and maintains its shape over time.
You Suit is assigned to a single specialised tailor who will complete the entire garment on his own, but always overseen by the master cutter.
Our lapels are padded for a rich soft roll. The chest and shoulder construction is made of the finest components, specially chosen by us to give a soft natural look. This offers superb lightweight comfort to the client.
Our jackets are cut with high armholes, a slim silhouette and natural soft shoulder.


While our tailor is busy constructing the suit, our Cutter will invite you for a couple of personal fittings to oversee and ensure an exact fit.
The garment is un-basted, re-chalked, trimmed down for, and re-sewn with each stage of fittings.
Our bespoke suits will require 2-3 fittings and the process usually takes around 8-10 weeks.


From the earliest fitting to completion, everything is personal and hand-made, including details like the button holes and flower loop.
The final updated individual paper pattern is then stored in our record room for future orders.
Your garment is then trimmed, finished and delivered for you to enjoy wearing it over several years.

Semi Bespoke

At D.Vaish & Sons Bespoke ,we offer semi bepoke tailoring service as well. Its a great opportunity to experinece a tailor made suit for the discerning gentleman to match budgets.
It is better than any MTM service and still doesnt pinch the pocket.
The process of semi bespoke is quite similar to the full bespoke except that we use half canvas on the chest and supplement fusible interfacing that provides structure to the remainder of the jacket front.
Its handmade too just like the bespoke suits that we make.
It requires 1-2 fittings, the process usually take around 3-4 weeks.