Feel free to post your queries and doubts for our team. Our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.

Do I need to make an appointment?
It is not necessary to make an appointment when visiting the shop in New Delhi. We schedule appointments during our visits to overseas locations and it is best to contact us as soon as possible to ensure we are able to allocate sufficient time.
How long will it take to have my suit made?
For first time customers we require a minimum of three visits. During the first visit, the cloth and trimmings are chosen, measurements are taken and the style of the garments is confirmed. We then require two further visits for fittings.

Overall it will take four to six weeks depending on your availability and on the time of year. For regular customers, we often only require one fitting but the time to make the suit will be similar.

Who will I see at the shop?
You will be met by one of our client advisers who will talk you through the process, explain our house style and assist you in selecting cloth. You will then be introduced to your cutter who will take your measurements and who will reconfirm your style options. The cutter will give you a date for your next fitting.
Can I see or try on D.Vaish & Sons garments to get an idea of the house style?
We have many examples of garment types that we can show you, from single-breasted and double-breasted suits to various types of formal wear and overcoats, you will be able to try them on depending on your measurements.
Is it useful for me to bring along a picture of a suit design that I like or to wear a suit that I like the fit of?
It is helpful to wear a suit or a jacket that you like the fit of as this enables us to understand your taste and preferences. If bringing the garment is not feasible bringing along a picture may help us to understand your requirements to the cut and style of the garment.
Can I just come in anytime to discuss suit ideas?
As our regular customer, you will be assigned a client advisor who will be your point of contact with us, please feel free to call/email or visit to discuss with the client advisers any ideas that you may have regarding cloth choices and style options.
Can my suits be altered or repaired?
We construct our bespoke clothes to be worn for many years. The generous inlays to the body seams allow for the future and account for body shape changes over time.Your existing suit can be nipped in and re-cut to fit your new figure and our suits also feature additional inlay to increase the jacket and trouser size in the case of over indulging or, as our clients sometimes prefer to say, “the suit shrunk slightly.

We don’t just alter our own suits either. If you are not a customer of ours and you have a suit that you would like altered, we are more than happy to do so.

All of our alterations are done on site by our experienced tailors, ensuring that the service is of the highest quality. As you could imagine, each alteration can be different due to the different techniques in making suits so we require an onsite consultation to determine the difficulty of the job before a quote can be prepared.

How often should I dry clean my garments?
We do not recommend excessive dry cleaning as this can strip the wool of its natural oil affecting its texture and luster. We recommend not drying clean your jacket as much as your trousers. Trousers’ require more cleaning than your jacket will.
Will I need to pay a deposit?
We require a 50% deposit at the time of order with the balance due on delivery of the garments. For shipping orders we require 100% advance payment.
When are you open?
We are open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm.
I am not scheduled to visit India for some time, how can I order a new suit?
Our regular customers often choose to send us orders simply via email, they choose the cloth from the samples we show them digitally and we can make a suit using their existing measurements stored on our database. In case your measurements have changed slightly, you can send us your updated measurements using our detailed measurement guide. We also regularly visit client locations in over 15 cities across the year. New clients can take an appointment for a detailed first time measurement.
How can I make see your new collection and place an order sitting overseas?
You make a request by email and specify your requirements. We will send you our collection of cloths digitally.
How can I take my own measurements?
Please follow the Measuring yourself guide. Click here to see the mesurement guides.
How do I pay online?
You can send us payments by PayPal or bank transfers.
Can you ship my order?
We can ship clothing all over the world using service from FedEx or similar.
Who should I contact with any further questions?
Please contact our representative available on phone at our shop numbers +91 11 23361806 or by email at umang@umangvaishbespoke.com
Do you also do women suits and shirts?
Yes we do tailoring for Women Suit and Shirts. Women can also bring in their own styles to be copied.