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  • Process
  • Collars
  • Cuffs
  • Monogram

Perfectly Fitting


Our Bespoke shirts impress with their craftmanship, selections for fine detailing and the quality that you can feel first hand.

Cloth Selection

Pick the style you prefer and let us construct your unique shirt from a fine selection of cottons, a collection made from the best mills around the world.

Thread counts range from 100s to 160s two-ply yarn. This provides you the options to scale both durability and drape for a customised and luxurious feel.

Starting at a competitive price-point US$70 and onwards these shirts will appeal to those who appreciate a quality shirt.

The Process

The bespoke process is meticulous and starts with you being measured by one of our cutters.

While taking notes of your measurements, the cutter will also observe physical nuances of your posture.

Cloth selection and style, including collar, cuff, placket and monogramming options will then also be discussed and chosen.

A unique pattern for your shirt measures shall be drafted, including separate collar, cuff and body patterns.

This will include separate collar, cuff and body patterns. In order to cut cloth, belly blades are used , to enhance precision.
Your cut shirt will be handed over for stitching to our experienced tailor.


Button Down Collar

Pin Collar

Wing Collar

Tab Collar

Ansley Collar

Club Collar

Mandarin Collar

Open Mandarin Collar

Buttoned Hign Collar

Hidden Button Down Collar

Semi Spread Collar

Full Spread Collar


Chisled Cuffs

Rounded Cuffs

Square Cuffs

Two Buttoned Cuffs

French Cuffs

Short Square Cuffs